Bethlehem is moving forward, IN LOVE in February! 

HOW? Glad you asked! 

1. VETERANS: our children's ministries our hosting a drive through the month for travel size toiletries. There is a donation box in the Lobby! Let's fill it UP! 

2. FIRST RESPONDERS: our youth ministry will be taking baked goods to 10 different first responder stations in our area to encourage and thank our first responders for all they do! 

3. CARE CENTERS: our families will be going to nursing homes and delivering flowers to the elderly in our area and spending quality time with those that need the encouragement the most. 

4. SINGLE MOMS: we are sponsoring 3 single moms that will be chosen from public nominations, so enjoy a day at the salon! DREAM in COLOR, a local salon, is partnering with Bethlehem to give 3 worthy ladies a make over and then several area photographers will give HER a family portrait session! We will be providing the 3 mommas with an exquisite gift bag of helpful things will be sure to end the day off right, WITH HER FEELING LOVED! 

WHEN? The MOM Nomination will happen from the 5th-11th and then the 3 Moms will be chosen and notified on the 12th. The SPOILING (Salon and Pics) will happen on the 19th! 



The Veterans, First Responders, and Care Centers will all be visited on the 24th! We will begin with a breakfast at 10am at the Church and then go our separate ways. 

All toiletries should be brought in by Sunday, Feb. 18th. 


We are embarking on a journey to help New Mothers in Need in our area! More to be announced about this in the coming days, but what you need to know for Feb. 25th is this....

Bring any of these items on the 25th to church! 

Pack and play, crib, or bassinet, Carseat, Diapers (newborn or size one), Newborn clothes, Sheets, Blankets, Wipes, Various medical necessities-(nasal aspirator, tylenol, gas drops, thermometer etc.), Onesies, Sleepers, and Diaper bags. 

Karen Campbell is overseeing these efforts and is building her network to meet and be able to help these women in need. ONE TO DATE HAS RECEIVED the help that she needed. With everyone's help we will be able to help many others! Questions about "Blessed Mommas" can be sent to info@simplybethlehem.org!


One Final and Great way for us all to move forward In Love as a church is to invite our neighbors! Scripture says that we our to love our neighbor. What better way is there to cap off an awesome weekend by seeing your neighbor come and worship with you in church on that Sunday the 25th!